Sandals Resorts Frequently Asked Questions - Help For Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts

Sandals Resorts Frequently Asked Questions - Help For Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts

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Sandals Resorts Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s included at Sandals Resorts?
Just about everything is included at Sandals:  All meals, drinks, (including beer , liquor, & wine), and snacks (food is available 24 hours).   Water sports including scuba diving, waterskiing (at select resorts), kayaks, paddle boards, wind surfing, Hobi Kat sailing. Entertainment. Land sports like beach and pool volleyball, bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes, etc. All taxes, tips and round trip airport transfers (see Private Transfer page) are included. And more....

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Lobster at Sandals Resorts
If dining on unlimited lobster is one of your favorite things, then be sure to travel to Sandals Resorts when lobster is in season or you will be disappointed!

Sandals makes it a point to have lobser on the menu during months when lobster is permitted.
Here are dates you WILL NOT find lobster at any Sandals  Resort or anywhere on the island:

JAMAICA:  April 1 to July 31
ANTIGUA:  May 1- June 30
ST. LUCIA: March 1- August 2
BAHAMAS: April 1- July 31
GRENADA: May 1 – August 31
BARBADOS:  no closures- Lobster All Year- Yea!!
TURKS & CAICOS: April 1-August 31

Are Sandals Resorts adults only?
Sandals is couples only. The only bed arrangements are one King size bed. All rates are per couple, so no single or triple rates. If you are with group you can request a single rate, usually a 25% discount for only one person in a room. “Couple” can be can be any two persons .

Beer is included at all Sandals Resorts.
You will find different brands of beer depending on the resort and island.

Unlimited liquor is included at Sandals Resorts.

This inlcudes top shelf brands.

How does tipping work at Sandals Resorts?  
Team members are not allowed to accept tips and can lose their job if they do.  (Butlers excepted).
Tips are included.

Do the Sandals Resorts specials really end when that clock runs out?
The clock you see on the Sandals website does run out. Often it just restarts and the specials and discounts stay the same and new clock starts ticking down. But, and a big but, the specials and discounts do change from time to time. This can cost you thousands of dollars if you wait, especially if a 65% discount changes to 55% of 50%. It is too complicated to go into here, but a full explanation of how sandals pricing and percentage discounts work is included in our Free Sandals Insider Report. Click here to download your free copy.

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