Compare different Sandals Resorts - Help For Vacations to Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands

Compare different Sandals Resorts - Help For Vacations to Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands

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Compare different Sandals Resorts

How to Compare Sandals Resorts to Each Other

It is impossible to maintain up-to-date, one-on- one comparison of Sandals Resorts on a web site.  We know, because we have tried. Sandals are always changing:  adding rooms, restaurants, amenities, and other services. With 15 Sandals Resorts and 3 Beaches Resorts it would require over 300 web pages to compare them.

We have been to every Sandals and Beaches, several times to most of them. We have stayed in the rooms, dined at the restaurants, walked on the beaches, and hung out at the pools. We can provide you with up-to-date, accurate comparisons.  We only do it by phone. We do not charge for this service, so give us a call anytime: -303-989-4880.

It takes way too much time to maintain pages or do it via email or text.  For example, let’s compare only the beach at Sandals Negril and Sandals (White (now South Coast). NOTE: Our most recent visit to the beaches at Sandals South Coast and Sandals Negril was in March 2017.

Compare Sandals Negril and Sandals Whitehouse (South Coast)

The Beach
Above the water line, Sandals South Coast is the clear winner. The South Coast beach is at about twice the length and 3-5 times wider (sand area above water). The South Coast beach is approximately 3000 feet (Sandals claims 2 miles but that includes a lot of beach beyond property)

At South Coast the sand above the water line is off-white and fine textured. Many parts of the beach have suffered from serious erosion but most recent repairs appear to be working. Once in the water the sand is mucky, not firm. Due to rocks, moss and seaweed below the water line some type of water shoe is recommended. The water can be murky right along shore due to churning up of sand. Once out a ways from shore water is typical crystal clear Caribbean water. South Coast drops off a little faster than Negril.

Once in the water, Negril wins out. Negril’s sand is firm. Under normal conditions all you will find in Negril is a few grassy patches on the ocean floor. You won’t find a rock anywhere. In Negril you can walk out a long way before you are even up to your shoulders in water.
Both beaches are in large bays protected by coral reefs. If you like big ocean waves, you will be disappointed at both Sandals Negril and Sandals South Coast. The biggest waves in Negril are the wake from boats. South Coast has just slightly more and a little larger waves than Negril.

You will find the beach at Sandals Negril to be much more crowded with Sandals guests than the beach at Sandals South Coast. There is less beach space per room and the pools do not attract as many guests as the pools at Sandals South Coast. If you do not have butler service you will need to get up early to reserve prime beach locations. There are over 100 hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses located on 7 mile beach in Negril. All beaches in Jamaica are public up to the high water mark. Once on the beach in Negril (there are a lot of public access points) you can walk the entire length from Sandals (northern most point) all the way in to the town of Negril (southern most point). The beach is very busy with both tourists and locals walking along the water. The water is busy with watercraft of all types, from wind surfers and kayaks to large fishing boats, ski boats, yachts, and catamarans. If you wan ta quite beech wher you are left alone, you will not find it here.

On the other hand, the beach at Sandals South Coast is so large you will never have trouble getting a spot. Because it is the only resort in the area, beach traffic at Sandals South Coast is limited to hotel guests and staff. You will not find any beach vendors (parasailing, jet skis, hair braiding, drug dealers, and panhandlers)

It is quite a different story at Sandals Negril.
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