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Compare Sandals Whitehouse with Sandals Emerald Bay

The Beach

The Whitehouse beach is approximately a mile long. The beach at Emerald Bay is even longer. Water at both is typically calm; however both can get very rough if it gets windy. Both beaches have plenty of space for everyone. You will not find any beach vendors (parasailing, jet skis, hair braiding, drug dealers, panhandlers) at either location. Hotel guests and staff make up most of the beach traffic with very few, if any, outsiders.The beach at Sandals Emerald Bay is one of the best beaches to be found anywhere.The sand is blinding white and very fine. Getting to the water requires trudging through deep powdery sand. Along the waterline the sand is firm and walking is easy. Once in the water the fine sand continues. The water is crystal clear and a deep emerald color that does not even look real.At Whitehouse the sand above the water line is off-white and fine textured. Many parts of the beach have suffered from serious erosion. The beach was reclaimed in August 2015 by trucking in huge boulders and rocks and covering the rocks with trucked in sand. Much of the water line is now very rocky, however there a few areas that are still sandy with few rocks (near the French pool and near the water sports area). Once in the water the sand is mucky, not firm. Due to rocks, moss and seaweed below the water line some type of water shoe is recommended. The water can be murky right along shore due to churning up of sand. Once out a ways from shore water is typical crystal clear Caribbean water

Swimming Pools

Sandals Emerald Bay has two pools. The main pool is large with swim up pool bar, cabanas and fire pits. The “Quiet” pool is just that: quiet. It has a service bar and cabanas and has a service bar. Sandals claims it is also heated.

Sandals Whitehouse is a pool lover’s paradise. The main pool is huge, (Sandals claims it is the largest in Jamaica). It has a large swim up pool bar, zero entry, and plenty of deck area. It is just steps from the beach and provides a view of the ocean from just about anywhere around the pool. The Dutch Pool is centered in the Dutch Village room block. Most Dutch village rooms will have a view of the pool and the ocean. This pool is very quiet, a great place to relax and read a book. No swim up pool bar but is does have a service bar. The French Pool is centered in the French room block. This is the “party pool” and has a high energy level . Here is where you will find lively bartenders at the swim up bar promoting drinking games and activities. The pool is home to non-stop pool volley ball games. This pool is steps from the beach and Bluefield's Restaurant.


All rooms at Sandals Whitehouse have balconies or patios. All rooms face the ocean and the higher floors offer better ocean views. At Sandals Whitehouse there are three floor plans. All rooms up to the Club Level Suite are the same layout. These are very comfortable rooms with sitting areas in addition to king size beds. Bathroom will include a tub/shower combo and single vanity. Lowest category rooms are in the French village. Both the room category and the cost are higher for walkout and penthouse luxury rooms and for luxury rooms located in the Dutch and Italian Village. Club level rooms have the same floor plan as luxury rooms.

The next floor plan is the suites. ‘Suite" will be in the room name instead of "room". Suites are larger and include a walk in shower, dual vanity, whirlpool tub, and much larger balcony than luxury rooms.

The best value rooms at Sandals Whitehouse are the One Bedroom Suites These rooms are located in the last building of the Italian Village and the first building or the Dutch Village. They have the best location on the property. These rooms closest to the beach and are the only rooms directly parallel to the beach. The views are amazing. They are a true one bedroom with large walk-in showers, whirlpool tub, and double vanity attached to the separate bedroom. There is a flat screen TV in both the bedroom and living room. The living room includes a fully stocked wet bar, two love seats, coffee table, desk and huge patio or balcony.

Sandals Emerald Bay was originally built as a Four Seasons hotel and the rooms reflect that. There is not a bad room on the property. All face the water. All have balconies or patios. Some have a better ocean view and this is reflected in the room category description. Rooms tend to be large for hotel rooms.  The Villas are right on the beach. Ground floor rooms walk out to the beach. Ocean views from ground floor villa rooms can be obstructed by the dunes along the beach. Second floor villa rooms have fantastic ocean views.

Other Differences

Sandals Emerald Bay is home to Emerald Reef Golf Club. This is an amazing golf course with 6 Signature holes right on the Caribbean.

Sandals Whitehouse is off the beaten track with no town or shopping nearby. It is close to some great sight-seeing attractions like YS Falls, Appleton Estate, Black River, and the Pelican Bar. The layout of the property is designed so rooms are located in different areas from entertainment and restaurants. This provides for a very quiet environment for most rooms. The exception is rooms around the pool in the French Village with its rowdy pool and Bluefield’s Restaurant. Sandals Whitehouse is spread over 500 acres and has a lot of open space. There is a little walking involved to get from rooms to the main area where lobby, shops, restaurants, and most entertainment takes place. French Village is the furthest, but even that is not too bad if you go by way of the tennis courts. The views from Sandals Whitehouse are obviously the ocean, but also of the expansive grounds and lush hillsides on the inland side.

Sandals Emerald Bay is located on Exuma Island. This is a sparely populated island and very laid back. Most sightseeing will be water based (boat). Temperatures can be quite cool from mid September to mid April, so plan accordingly. Weather is great for golf in winter months, but water can be very cold.

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Whitehouse Beach
Sandals Whitehouse Beach

Sandals Emerald Bay Beach

sandals emerald bay quiet pool
Sandals Emerald Bay Quiet Pool

sandals emerald bay pool
Sandals Emerald Bay
Main Pool

sandals emerald bay main pool
Sandals Emerald Bay Main Pool

Whitehouse Main Pool
Sandals Whitehouse Main Pool

Whitehouse Dutch Pool
Sandals Whitehouse Dutch Pool

Whitehouse French Pool
Sandals Whitehouse French Pool

Sandals Emerald Bay Suite
Sandals Emerald Bay Beachfront Villa Suite

Sandals Emerald Bay Suite
Sandals Emeralds Bay Suite

Whitehouse Luxury Room (entry level)
Sandals Whitehouse Club Level Room

Sandals Whitehouse One Bedroom Suites
Sandals Whitehouse One Bedroom Suites

Sandals Whitehouse One Bedroom Suites
Sandals Whitehouse One Bedroom Beachfront Suite

Sandals Whitehouse One Bedroom Suites
Sandals Whitehouse One Bedroom Walk Out Suite

Sandals Emerald Reff Golf Club
Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club

Sandals Emerald Reff Golf Club
Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club

Sandals Emerald Reff Golf Club
Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club

Whitehouse Beach
Sandals Whitehouse Property

Sandals Emerald Bay Property
Sandals Emerald Bay Property

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