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June 13-19, 2012
Krista & Scott

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We have been meaning to get this to you but we hit the floor running when we got back.

Scott and I wanted to thank you so much for our dream Weddingmoon. I remember when you had told me I our trip would be more than we could imagine and you were so right! We did our research and I remember looking at the photos of Sandals and think there is no way it would be exactly like those but it was and so much more!!!

It all began with the portfolio you had sent us. We lived by it and the other people we had met during our trip wondered how we got it and they had gone been to Sandals before. The list of helpful reminders for the trip was a God send. We referred to it just to make sure we didn't forget anything.

When we arrived late due to weather delays, Lloyd was there to pick us up immediately. It was awesome! He was so informative about Jamaica. We didn't stop anywhere because we were wanting to get there; however, he would show us important historical markers as we drove and were able to learn more about the Jamaica lifestyle. The country is so beautiful and he is an excellent driver. It did make us feel more at ease talking to you and knowing you had checked on us when we arrived.

Upon arrival, two managers greeted us along with the wedding coordinator and wedding staff that assured us our wedding would be wonderful. We felt like royalty!!!

When we arrived and got settled in. We went down to eat at Eleanors but it was closed for renovations. We were not sure were to eat then. Keesha found us wandering around and said she knew the specific place to dine. She immediately took us to Neptunes and seated us (before others I might add) at a table where we had the most breath-taking view and where our waitress Princess served us a fabulous meal. We fell in love with our location.

The next day we meet with Tamara who showed us all the wedding locations except the one spot we had discovered at Neptunes. We asked her about it and she agreed to mention it to Simona McKoy our Wedding Coordinator.

Our wedding was scheduled at 4:00pm but after talking to another bride who had to change her location because of winds. I had also noticed the weather had picked up about the time we had landed I had expressed my concern. Simona acknowledged my concerns she agreed morning weddings are affected less by weather. She was able to change everything to the next morning, as well as, checked out our wedding site we had found. No one had been married at the site but with luck there was an electric outlet and it worked. The view was awesome but would have some of the pier in the pictures where the boats were all placed but it was okay with us.

Our wedding morning was the actually the best weather we had. When Scott arrived at the wedding site the water changed to the most beautiful blue, it was breathtaking…He had also noticed the boats had been moved. He couldn't believe it!!!

While waiting for me to arrive the minister, photographer and Simona all discussed the best way for me to walk down. Simona cleared all the table and chairs to clear the path. The Minister suggested it would be best if I walked down in between the trees but there was a huge palm branch hanging down. While there was much deliberation going on, one of the staff members went and got a machete chopped the branch down and pulled the branch off within minutes. While this was happening Tamara and I were walking down from the room and she received a call. She said we needed to step back in the shade to wait so Scott would not see me. She soon got the call and we continued down.

The wedding was everything we could have imagined and so much more. The staff is absolutely awesome. Simona, was awesome!!! Tamara (an intern) who helped me us with the wedding location and helped me dress. We just fell in love with her. The minister, Gary (photographer) and Simone Hutchinson did an awesome job as well. We did have our candlelight dinner on our wedding night at our wedding location. It was beautiful and the boats had returned to the pier. Mark, Manager at Neptunes, visited with us during our dinner. He was honored we had chose that site for our wedding. The decision to move our wedding was one of the best things we had done.
Around 2pm the winds had picked up and we were supposed to go on the glass bottom boat and it was cancelled because of the high winds. By 4:00 clouds had rolled in and the water was not the beautiful blue.

The following day we arranged for Lloyd to pick us up to take us to the YSFalls and Pelican Bar. The weather was beautiful. YS Falls was beautiful and the zip line was so much fun and safe! I am including that picture I told you I would. Matt, we were so glad you had recommended Lloyd as our driver. We actually learned more that day on why it was important we use him. He made all the arrangements for us to make it to the Pelican Bar and made sure we were safe. When we arrived back on the shoreline from Pelican Bar he was waiting for us on the beach. On our way back there was a road block set up when the police saw it was Lloyd we were able to continue. Matt we talked to others who had gone on excursions with groups and we were so glad we used Lloyd as our private driver and not go in a group so we could spend the time and enjoy both spots on our time.

We apologize for being so detailed but I just wanted to let you know how many touched our lives and how grateful we are to you for helping us be able to have such a Weddingmoon at such a beautiful place as Sandals Whitehouse!!! Bryan with concierge services made sure we were taken care of . They did so much for us we felt not to mention on our wedding night they did not do the rose petal service. We should have said something but again it was just so small compared to everything!!!

Thank you so much for the card and fruit plate at arrival. Matt, the best way we could describe our weddingmoon is it was like a storybook each day was a new chapter!!! The only thing we wished for was we wish we had stayed a couple more days just to enjoy it more! We have hopes to return to Sandals for our anniversary. We loved Sandals Whitehouse and would love to return to see the people we have met but wonder if we should experience another Sandals.

As you can see we did fall in love with Whitehouse!! When the staff would say "No Problem" it was NO PROBLEM! They provided things that we did not even ask for or know we could ask ; for example, the boats they moved for the wedding ceremony. It seems Sandals Whitehouse thought about everything or would make adjustments if at all possible to meet our needs.We do want to return for our anniversary but will again need your expertise on either returning there or trying another!  I am going to attach some photos of the wedding and zip line. Let us know if you need anything else. Let's start planning another Sandals vacation!!

Thank you again for everything!!!
Krista and Scott

 June 18-25, 2012 Matt:
We had a great time... the resort was really nice. Staff was attentive and competent but we were on "Jamaica time" occasionally. Housekeeping was above average. Food was good and well presented but portions were small. Room was fine. Only issue I had was the resort carried but one bourbon, an average one at best, and the resort ran completely out of it the last two days we were there. This I did find un-acceptable for a resort of this caliber.

Lloyd was fantastic... top shelf.

 June 18-24, 2012

We had a better than excellent time,,, all the accommodations, staff, food, drinks were awesome! Lloyd could not have been a better driver welcoming us to Jamaica and providing great inside information to its country and people. We felt very safe with him at all times! I would recommend him anytime,,,

Thanks again for making this vacation smooth and relaxing! No worries Mon!

 June 18-23, 2012 Matt,
Everything was perfect. The rooms were great, the staff was friendly, the food was fantastic.

Both Lloyd and his associate were professional and the cars were nice.

Haven’t booked anything else yet, still doing some planning.

The only thing I would change is the wait times for dinner. I know it is laid back down there but when you sit down for an 8:30 dinner and don’t get served until 10 pm it makes it kind of edgy...

All in all I would book again with was wonderful. Do they have anything down in Cozumel?



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