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Sandals includes every watersport imaginable along with top-of-the-line equipment and professional instruction.

This really sets Sandals apart from the crowd. Sandals has tons of equipment. I have never had to wait for a windsurf board, paddle board, Hobicat, kayak, or other non-motorized sport.

Other resorts promise watersports, but when you get there you find out there are no hobicats and only two kayaks. And the paddle boards are on order! But at these other resorts it gets better. If you need instruction you find out its at 9:00 am tomorrow morning and will cost you an extra $30 per person! (GOTCHA!) 

All instruction is included at Sandals.

Want to go snorkeling? All equipment and instruction is included at Sandals.  Right next door to Sandals Negril there is a so-called all inclusive where you will pay $30 per day per person to snorkel. And that is for only two hours! (GOTCHA!)

The only time I have had to wait is to water ski. The line is short. And the boats are MasterCraft ski boats with enough power to get an elephant up (if they could ski). Other resorts don't even offer water skiing (unless you pay extra).  And then it is behind a little outboard motor boat that drags you through the water for half a mile. Pretty tough on beginner skiers. GOTCHA!

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