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Compare Sandals Royal Bahamian with Sandals Emerald Bay


Sandals Royal Bahamian Compared with Sandals Emerald Bay
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Compare Sandals Grande Antigua with Sandals Emerald Bay



 Climate and Activities

The difference in climate between Exuma and Antigua and the type of activities you want to enjoy should be first consideration when trying to decide between these two Sandals Resorts.

If beach, pool, diving, and other water sports are high on you list, Sandals Grande Antigua will OK anytime of year. The summer months  can be a liittle hot for some people.

On the other hand, Sandals Emerald Bay can be very cool mid September through mid-April. The ocean can be tolerable, however it will require a cloud-free morning with bright sun to warm the main pool to the point where it can be enjoyed. (The quiet pool is moderately heated, but no pool bar or loud activities allowed.) Plan on low to mid 70's in the winter months.

OVerall, both resorts are going to offer the same activities on property. 

The biggest difference is Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club. This championship golf course design by Greg Norman is perhaps the finest  golf course in the Caribbean. Most golf courses boast one signaure hole. This course has six Signature holes located directly on the water (you can see overview here).

Weather for golf is ideal in winter months. Beat course conditions will be in winter months.  Course can be hot in summer months. Also not in as good condition as mowing adn watering is adjsuted for hot weather.

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Sandals Emerald Bay

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Emerald Reef Golf Club

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Sandals Emerald Bay



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