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Complete Guide to Sandals Resorts

Which Sandals is The Best?
It seems like every time I am at a Sandals Resort I run into someone who is in the wrong place!  
One thing for sure, it isn’t because they got on the wrong transfer from the airport.
It’s because they booked the wrong Sandals in the first place!
It’s easier to do than you might think.
One common thing I see couples do is book based on PRICE!  This is especially true when a Butler category is high the list but the budget is limited.  So what happens? They book a butler category a Sandals Ochi because the rates are so much lower than any other Sandals for butler rooms.

One great thing about Sandals is you will find the best in dining, water sports, entertainment, swimming pools, beaches, etc., at all of them.  Beyond that, each Sandals has its own character.

That is because Sandals has built only three properties from the ground up.  All the others were acquired from previous owners.   There is no “cookie cutter” design like you find with many hotel chains.  Each property has its own unique characteristics.  And you are the determining factor of whether a characteristic is strength or a weakness.

For instance, if golf is high on your list of things to do while on vacation there is one Sandals that happens to be one of the best golf resorts in the entire Caribbean.  But at another Sandals you will be hours from the first tee.

If a great beach is the number one priority, there are two or three Sandals that really stand out.  But even among them the beach environment at one may be a turn-off for some and a turn-on for others.

There is a whole lot about each Sandals you can never learn from a website or brochure. And, unless you have been to every Sandals there is no way to really compare which one may be better for you compared to another.

If you want a laid back, easy going environment there are a couple of Sandals that will be perfect for you.  There are also a couple where you are going to be miserable if you end up there and “laid back” is what you want.

It is well documented that Sandals has one of the highest return guest rates in the industry.  Sandals also knows that one of the biggest reasons first time guests are unhappy and don’t return is because they got bad information about the resorts.  
I get asked all the time “Which is the best Sandals?”  It is different for everyone.  The trick is to know the right questions to ask to figure out which Sandals may be the best fit for you.

I also get a lot of calls and emails from people who have already booked with questions about the Sandals they are going to.  I can’t count the times that after a short discussion with me they tell me they are going to switch their booking to different Sandals.  One thing I do know is getting to the Sandals which is best for you should be high on your list of priorities.

Sandals Barbados
Sandals Grenada
Sandals Antigua
Sandals Emerald Bay
Sandals Royal Bahamian
Sandals Inn
Sandals Royal Plantation

Looking for the best beach? Then Sandals Emerald Bay is one to look at
You will also find great beaches at Sandals Antigua, Sandals Negril, and to a lesser extent Sandals Whitehouse, Sandals Montego Bay, and Sandals Royal Plantation. For detailed differences you should give us a call (303-989-4880) and we can provide you with all the subtle differences.
More interested in really nice swimming pools and swim up bars? Top of the list are Sandals Whitehouse, Sandals Ochi, Sandals Emerald Bay, and Sandals Royal Bahamian. (Sandals Inn and Sandals Royal Plantation are the only Sandals that do not have swim up bars).
If true beachfront rooms is what you are looking for Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Emerald Bay, Sandals Negril, and Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Royal Caribbean have beachfront suite rooms that you can step out onto the sand and into the water. For ocean front rooms right on the water, check out Sandals Ochi and Sandals Montego Bay.
Maybe private plunge pools are your thing. You will find some at Sandals Antigua, Sandals Regency la Toc (St Lucia), Sandals Negril, and Sandals Halcyon. For the ultimate in plunge pools check out the Sky Pools at Sandals Grenada (La Source).

For shared private pools, Sandals Ochi has over 90 pools that the different hillside villas offer. You will find swim-up rooms at Sandals Barbados, Sandals Negril, Sandals Grande St Lucian, Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Montego Bay, and Sandals La Source Grenada. And for the ultimate suites anywhere in the Caribbean you should book one of the over water suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean. (Sandals Grande St Lucian and Sandals South Coast soon).
If you're a "foodie" then you should be happy at all Sandals. However to really get the gastro going check out Sandals Ochi with 16 restaurants. Although not a Sandals, if eating is your thing don't ignore Beaches Turks & Caicos with 21 restaurants!

Sandals Barbados and Sandals Antigua, both with 11 restaurants, and Sandals La Source Grenada with 10 restaurants should also keep your belly happy.

In the Montego Bay, Jamaica area you can enjoy 19 restaurantsdifferent restaurants via the free shuttle between Sandals Inn (4 restaurants), Sandals Montego Bay (7 restaurants), and Sandals Royal Caribbean (8 restaurants).  A similar experience can be found in St . Lucia with the free shuttle between Sandals Regency la Toc, (9 restaurants) Sandals Halcyon (5 restaurants), and Sandals Grande St Lucian (13 restaurants) serving up a total of 27 different restaurants.
If golf is your thing, you will not find a better golf resort anywhere in the Caribbean than at Sandals Emerald Bay. Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course is second to none. Head over to Sandals Ochi for Sandals Golf & Country Club with 18 challenging holes. The nine hole course located on property at Sandals Regency la Toc (St Lucia) although small, will test your skills.
Scuba diving & water sports:
With some of the Caribbean’s best dive sites, Sandals Resorts is the perfect place to explore and experience the world underneath the water’s surface. Novice divers can take advantage of a resort course that will have you participating in dives by the very next day. Outdoor lovers can find more adventure in the water sports offered by Sandals Resorts. Glide across the waves while sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing; or explore the life under the sea with a snorkeling expedition and glass-bottom boat ride.
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